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"One thing that I feel is important for every candidate to remember, is that we serve the community; it does not serve us. Therefore, I promise to always serve the citizens first and foremost by fairly and evenly applying the law. I am deeply committed to this community. I established my business in White County as soon as I was licensed to practice law. Through countless hours of hard work and dedication, I have grown a large law firm for the area with multiple employees and attorneys. I want to bring the same drive I used to develop my business to the bench in order to serve the people of White and Van Buren Counties." 

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Dedicated to serving the community with integrity, fairness, and a strong work ethic

Republican Primary Election

Early Voting April 13-28

Election May 3



Early Voting July 15-30

Election August 4

Brandon was born and raised in Sparta, Tennessee. His parents are White County natives as well as most of his extended family members. Brandon's Great-Grandfather, Bailey Daniels, was a WWII Veteran and ran a body shop for many years in White County. His mother, Lori Griffin, recently retired from teaching special education at White County Middle school, where she taught for many years. His father, Bo Adams, worked in construction to include home building, cabinetry and brick masonry. Brandon grew up learning the value of hard work and that a man's word is his bond. He graduated from White County High School in 2006. While in high school, Brandon started his own business called "Griffin's Goldens" in which he raised golden retrievers. He used those earnings along with money made with working with his dad in construction to pay for college. Griffin's Goldens is still ran by his parents to this day and Brandon still enjoys helping out when he can. He went on to graduate from Tennessee Tech with a bachelor's degree in Political Science, where he earned high honors.

Brandon graduated in the top 25% of his class from Cecil C. Humphrey's School of Law. While in law school, Brandon earned CALI awards for academic excellence in two classes. The classes were Decedent's Estates and Admiralty Law. During law school, Brandon was a member of the Cecil C. Humphrey Elder Law Clinic in which he was able to help low-income seniors in the Shelby County area. After graduation Brandon passed the Tennessee Bar on his first attempt.

Brandon moved back to Sparta, TN after graduating law school. Once he was admitted to practice law in 2013 he began his own practice where he shared office space with another local attorney. He and that attorney, Mike Rocco, went on to form Rocco and Griffin, PLLC in 2015. With the skills he learned with working with his father, Brandon and his partner were able to purchase and renovate the office in Sparta. The firm has grown quickly and is able to employ multiple attorneys and staff members with satellite offices in Warren and Trousdale Counties. Brandon still heads up the firm to this day as the newly named Griffin Law Group, PLLC. Brandon uses his practice to help the local community by volunteering his legal services to provide wills and powers of attorney for veterans and law enforcement. Brandon is also panel council for the Southern States Police Benevolent Association in the Upper Cumberland. He is an active member of the Tennessee Bar Association.


Brandon resides in White County with his wife, Danielle, and his daughter Irelia. His wife Danielle works for the Department of Children's Services as a placement specialist for the Upper Cumberland Region. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys fishing, kayaking, and spending time with his family. 



Judge and Gavel
Judge and Gavel

A Commitment to Excellence

If elected to serve the great citizens of White and Van Buren Counties, I pledge to work diligently to build upon and improve our General Sessions Court. I have practiced in White and Van Buren Counties for my entire career and I know all the hard working clerks, officers and employees who make our justice system run smoothly. In speaking with these dedicated public servants, they have often presented ideas on how they think the system can be improved. I know the value of those opinions and I will consider heavily what they suggest. One reoccurring suggestion is the implementation of Office Days in our Counties. This will allow for a single officers cases to be set on one day of the month, saving  taxpayer dollars since the officer will only be in court one day a month instead of four. This system has proven effective in our neighboring counties of Cumberland, Putnam, Overton and Clay.  

My extensive background in general sessions work throughout the Upper Cumberland has allowed me to observe several different Judges and learn the best and most efficient practices from each courtroom. I promise to fairly, equally and impartially apply the law to those who come before me. I understand the value of everyone's time and I swear to always be efficient in my running of the courtroom so I can get you back to your normal routine as quickly as possible while adequately dispensing justice. 

If I am elected as your General Sessions Judge, I understand that the people entering my courtroom will be coming to me at a vulnerable and difficult time in their lives. I pledge to treat everyone who comes before me with dignity and respect. I feel that everyone should be treated equally in the eyes of the law. I pledge to hold people accountable for their own actions and show grace when merited. I will work through every docket until all cases are handled properly. I promise to remain impartial and render justice fairly and without prejudice. 

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